Why Patrick J. Adams’ Mike Left Suits After Season 7

“Suits,” the legal drama that captivated audiences with its witty dialogue and intriguing plotlines, saw a significant change at the end of its seventh season. Patrick J. Adams, who played the brilliant but fraudulent lawyer Mike Ross, left the show, creating a void that was felt by fans worldwide. This article delves into the reasons behind Adams’ departure, exploring various facets that led to this pivotal shift in the series.

Pursuit of New Challenges

After seven seasons of playing Mike Ross, Patrick J. Adams felt it was time to explore new horizons. Portraying the same character for years, despite the depth and evolution of Mike, had become somewhat monotonous for Adams. He expressed a desire to challenge himself with different roles and projects, which is a natural progression for many actors who wish to grow and diversify their careers. This pursuit of new challenges signifies a healthy artistic restlessness and a commitment to personal growth.

Personal Life Balance

By the time season 7 wrapped up, Adams had been a part of “Suits” for nearly a decade. This long-term commitment to a single project can be taxing, both professionally and personally. Adams had reached a point in his life where he wanted to focus more on his personal life, including his marriage to actress Troian Bellisario. The demanding schedule of a popular TV show can often lead to sacrifices in one’s personal life, and Adams’ decision to leave was partly influenced by his desire to find a better work-life balance.

Narrative Completion

From a storytelling perspective, Mike Ross’ arc had reached a natural conclusion by the end of season 7. He started as a brilliant but unlicensed lawyer, went through numerous trials and tribulations, and eventually became a legitimate attorney. His marriage to Rachel (played by Meghan Markle) marked a fitting end to his journey on the show. Continuing his story beyond this point might have felt forced or unnecessary, and Adams’ departure allowed the show to explore new narratives.

Shift in Show’s Dynamics

“Suits” was undergoing a significant transition with the departure of Meghan Markle as well. The show was heading towards a new phase, with fresh characters and storylines. Adams’ exit coincided with this shift, allowing the show to reinvent itself. This change was not just about the departure of a character but also about the evolution of the series as a whole, adapting to new dynamics and exploring different relationships and legal battles.

Creative Satisfaction

Over the years, Adams had not only acted in the series but also directed several episodes. His creative journey with “Suits” was fulfilling, but like many artists, he reached a point where he felt he had given all he could to the character and the show. Seeking creative satisfaction is crucial for actors, and venturing out to explore new roles and projects was a step towards finding new sources of artistic fulfillment.

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Patrick J. Adams’ departure from “Suits” after season 7 was a decision influenced by a combination of personal and professional factors. His desire for new challenges, the need for a balanced personal life, the natural end of Mike Ross’ narrative arc, the shift in the show’s dynamics, and the pursuit of creative satisfaction all played a role in his decision to leave. While his absence was felt deeply by fans, it opened up new avenues for the actor and the series alike, proving that change, though often difficult, can lead to exciting new beginnings.

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