Is It Illegal To Keep A Hedgehog As A Pet In California?

Is It Illegal To Keep A Hedgehog As A Pet In California?

Restricted Wild Animal : Hedgehogs Are Classified As Restricted Wild Animals By The California Department Of Fish And Wildlife (Cdfw).

Concerns About Wildlife Impact : California Has Strict Regulations Due To Concerns About The Potential Impact Of Non-Native Species Like Hedgehogs On The Local Wildlife And Ecosystem.

Eradication Of Non-Native Species : The State Is Actively Working To Prevent The Establishment Of Non-Native Species That Could Compete With Or Harm Native Wildlife.

Preventing Disease Spread : Hedgehogs Can Carry Diseases That Might Be Harmful To Humans And Other Animals Which Is Another Reason For Regulations.

Public Safety : There Are Also Concerns About The Safety Of Hedgehogs As Pets Both For The Animals Themselves And For The People Who Keep Them.

Animal Welfare : Regulations Are In Place To Ensure The Welfare And Well-Being Of Animals Which Can Be Challenging To Meet With Exotic Pets Like Hedgehogs.

Legal Consequences : Keeping A Hedgehog As A Pet In California Without The Necessary Permit Can Result In Legal Consequences Including Fines And Confiscation Of The Animal.

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