8 Best Dog Breeds For Families To Adopt

8 Best Dog Breeds For Families To Adopt

Labrador Retriever: Labs Are One Of The Most Popular Family Dogs Due To Their Friendly Outgoing And Gentle Nature. They'Re Great With Kids And Make Excellent Playmates.

Golden Retriever: These Dogs Are Known For Their Intelligence Patience And Love For Children.

Beagle: Beagles Are Small To Medium-Sized Dogs Known For Their Playful And Friendly Disposition. They'Re Also Easy To Groom And Are Good With Kids.

Bulldog: Bulldogs Are Known For Their Loyalty And Calm Demeanor. They Don'T Require A Lot Of Exercise And Are Great For Families In Smaller Living Spaces.

Boxer: Boxers Are Energetic Fun-Loving And Protective Dogs. They Make Great Companions For Active Families And Are Known For Their Affectionate Nature.

Collie: Collies Are Highly Intelligent And Make Excellent Family Pets. They'Re Known For Their Herding Instincts Which Means They Are Often Protective Of Children.

Poodle: Poodles Come In Various Sizes (Standard Miniature And Toy) And Are Known For Their Intelligence And Hypoallergenic Coats. They Are Great For Families With Allergies.

Australian Shepherd: These Dogs Are Intelligent And Highly Active Making Them A Good Match For Active Families.