7 Surprising Favorite Foods Of Famous Historical Figures

7 Surprising Favorite Foods Of Famous Historical Figures

Abraham Lincoln Loved Apples Often Munching On Them As A Snack Believing They Were A Symbol Of Good Health And Vitality.

Winston Churchill Had A Soft Spot For Strawberries Enjoying Them Dipped In Sugar And Cream As A Sweet Treat.

Marie Antoinette Had A Penchant For Hot Chocolate Particularly The Rich And Decadent Version Made With Plenty Of Cream And Chocolate.

Albert Einstein Had A Daily Ritual Of Savoring His Favorite Dish Mushroom Soup Which He Considered A Source Of Intellectual Inspiration.

Charles Darwin Relished A Simple Meal Of Rice Pudding Finding Comfort In Its Creamy Texture And Subtle Sweetness.

Cleopatra The Queen Of Egypt Had A Taste For Figs And Would Often Incorporate Them Into Her Meals And Desserts.

Thomas Jefferson'S Culinary Delight Was Macaroni And Cheese A Dish He Encountered In Italy And Introduced To The United States.

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