Black Otter Premium was established in 1954.  Black Otter Supply has been responsible for providing outstanding Black Otter Bird mixes ever since.  Our specialty is in the area of wild bird food.  Since the beginning we have used only a special blend of oils and quality seeds!

Black Otter Supply LLC was formed as a wholesale company to further expand our specialty mixes into the wild bird seed market.  Our specialty bird seed mixes attract a wide variety of beautiful wild birds.  Our bird seeds have since expanded to include special blends for Finch as well as Cardinals.  In addition, we proudly carry seed's for Wildlife.  We plan to further expand our product lines in the near future.

We provide, but are not limited to delivery of a product to individual stores as well as warehouses.  We offer a professional sales team, great customer service and our staff is well educated in the art of feeding wild birds of Wisconsin!

Our newly remodeled store front offers many beautiful bird houses and a variety of options for your birds!

Our Store is OPEN!  We will continue to do curbside pickup!

We will Remain closed on Saturdays, until further notice.

Monday - Friday 8am-5pm